Friday, March 28, 2008

Rahman Tamil Classicals..

ARR - World Renowned Music Director.. rolemodel for thousands of youngsters..

He has gained this popularity and recognition majorly through his fast peppy numbers much westernized with different instruments, rare voices etc
When it comes to classical based numbers there r not as many as other types and i thought of picking such classical melodies..
1. En veetu thottathil(Gentle Man)- This song sounds very familiar to Arunagirinadhar's 'Nada vinthu kalaadi namo'.. a very nice duet though..the humming in the beginning speaks the raaga of the song, 'Senjurutti'.
2. Kannodu kaanbadhellam(Jeans) - Lovely song in the raaga 'Abheri' excellently rendered by Nityashree.. another 'Abheri'song tat comes to my mind is 'Singara velane deva'(super challenging number) by S.Janaki..
3. Narumugaiye(Iruvar) - Bombay Jayashree simply rocks singing this number.. its in the raaga 'Naatai'.
4.Enna sonnalum ketka villai(Kadhal virus) - Sweet sangathis n brihas by harini made this song a hit though the movie was a flop.This is also of 'Senjurutti' raagam
5.Alaipayudhe (Alaipayudhe) - A keerthana by Uthukaadu venkata subbiar made to a cine song in the 'kaanada' raagam also sung by harini.
6.Minsaara kanna(Padayappa) - Competition song b/w rajini n ramya krishnan sung by Srinivas and Nityashree.
7.Sowkiyamaa(Sangamam) - Songs in this raaga(Maandu) are quiet rare. i can think of only 'Oru naal podhuma' by Dr.BMK sir.. if anyone can think of more cine songs in this raaga plz post.
8.Achil vaartha(Varalaaru)
9. Maarghazhi poove(May Maadham)
10. Maarghazhi thingallalavaa(sangamam) - Scintillating Sindhu Bhairavi
11. Last but not the least .. Ennavale(Kadhalan)
More songs r welcome..
By shri
12. Kannamochi yenada(Kandukonden Kandukonden)
I missed a super dooper hit by harini..
13.Nila kaaigiraDhu(Indra)


Shreekanth said...

Check my new post

Shreekanth said...

Kanna moochi yenada (KK),Innisai Alavazhage..(God Father) But the feel of classical is been given in a lot of songs like kuluvalile,Kadhalikkum pennin kaigal and few in pure ragass like Kaadhal Rojave,snegidhiye...

According to me a composer is successful when he is accepted every kind of people (wrt their music tastes)

Ramya harish said...

hey thanks shri.. i hv mentioned god father song..
actually many arr songs has classical touch in some or the other part of the song as you said.. like rathiriyin sonthakaara(Paarthale paravasam),thee thee(thiruda thiruda),acham acham illai-ending part(indra),thee kuruviya(kangalal kaidhu sei).. n lots if u think..though many r of pure raagas they r light.. wat i wanted to pick s pure classicals like marghazhi thingallalavaa,sowkiyama..

Anonymous said...

Kanna moochi yenada was sung KS Chitra (male voice by Jesudass), *not* by harini