Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I think of those childhood days when i used to sit in front of my first music teacher(Mrs.Mohana,my relative) and repeat whatever she sang.. those times i never concentrated on raga,shruthi,..nothing. just listened to her singing and repeated it back..i used to even doze off when singing.. also hit my face against hers..:) but the beauty is when i was nt aware of these technical things, i made less mistakes,..anyway now i realize how much it takes to sing a krithi.. not only krithi,also varnams,thillana,..carnatic music or any song..
I believe the foremost thing that decides the splendor of a song is shruthi..if one is able to uphold the same shruthi throughout the song whichever raga he sings, he is identified as a good singer.. Then another essential thing is Thaalam.. Songs with adi taalam n roopaka thaalam are much easier to sing than in taalas like misra chaapu.. there are some krithis where the lyrics just fit into the thaalam.. one tat comes to my mind is bhogindra shaayinam(kuntalavaraali).. a lovely fast krithi.. but some really prove a challenge...
Next i feel control over the breath is very essential.. In many cine songs, we hear the hmm.. breathing sound of singers , most prominent s harini's..does the MD's purposely do it to give it a feeling or something?? If the singer breathes loudly in improper places,swallowing the lyrics, the charm of the song s definitely lost..
Bold singing is something which i had to correct myself on and feel am improving....Perfect example is SPB sir.. all his songs can be identified easily as in his voice s unique n bold..be it ilaya nila or megam kottatum or vannam konda... evry one shud hv their own style of singing.. n shud nt imitate any particular singer . I loved the way Krishnamurthy(Airtel super singer) sang.. he sang so many challenging numbers excellently in his amazing voice..
Pronounciation also plays a grt role.. I hate some northy singers like sadhana sargam , shreya goshal who spoil the beautiful tamil language like anything evnthough they have lovely voice.. why r nt the music directors correcting them.. thr r so many talented properly pronouncing singers in our state only.. i agree tat they r really great singers..but y spoil our language.. i feel we should not give up our language for big shots singing thm..

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