Monday, September 21, 2009

Sandeep Narayan - Great talent Indeed

Its a long time since I listened to any live carnatic concerts. The last I atteneded probably was sudha ragunathan's and kanyakumari's concerts during Jan 05. Last sunday, Chandi homam conducted by S'pore dakshina brahmin sabha was held in a profound manner. Befor deeparadhanai, I got to listen to a beautiful krithi rendered by Mr. Sandeep Narayan who is a disciple of the well acclaimed South Indian vocalist Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan since 1996. It was 'Nee dhan Thunai Neelambari'. It was tuned in ashta ragamalika and sandeep's excellent rendition revealed many ragas like neelambari, vasantha bhairavi, gowri manohari, mohana kalyani and so on. How much I wished it never ended. It is said to be composed by the Great thanjavur Kalyanaraman(SKR) who was well known as innovative student of GNB who imbibed his guru’s musical knowledge and yet was able to present it with a stamp of originality.

Next day, I happened to glance thro the concerts in the nearby vadapathira kaliamman temple and found Mr.Sandeep's concert was there. So made it a point not to miss it. Though it was just 45 min, it was a very enjoyable experience. I entered half way thru sum krithi in Sri ragam followed by akilandeshwari in sahana. Later amma ravamma, the kalyani alapana n neraval I should say was breath taking, didnt realize the transition to swaras, just got the audience immersed. And ended with Thunbam nergayil which unconsciously brought tears to my eyes, later controlled it after feeling slightly embarassed. When I was wondering whether I cud request for 'Nee dhan thunai', it was a super surprise he ended the concert with that song. SO that made my day. I really hope to catch up such wonderful concerts in the days to come.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Adi Aathadi(Ilayaraja cover with Srini)

Another evergreen folk hit by the Maestro. I discovered most of the IR melodies in the late 90’s. I had envied my college mate Anitha sing this song beautifully, its range n melody n harmonies were pretty challenging to me. More challenging was recording this with my son growing naughtier day by day. Here is my attempt. Thanks Srini, you did a great job.

Guys, you all know mixing is a trouble for some ppl ever since. We mixed our voices separately. So please bear with it, listen n leave your thoughts. Thanks.

Movie: Kadalora kavidhaigal
Music: Ilayaraja
Originally sung by: Ilayaraja, S.Janaki
Cover version by: Srinivasan, Ramya

Adi aathadi (IR Cover with Srini) | Online recorder