Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Janina Janina(First Bengali Cover)

Thanks to Murali Venkataraman for introducing me a beautiful collection of bangla songs of Haimonti shukla. And today is an occasion for posting this song. Its Murali’s birthday, Happy Birthday Murali:)

I was mesmerized very much by a song, went ahead to make a karaoke track for it. I had no idea of the lyrics then. Murali knows all those songs by heart , so he helped me initially. Later came the saviour, Soumitra ji who was so helpful with the diction, patiently heard my versions over n over n corrected the mistakes. Thanks a ton Ji! Still, please forgive my diction issues my dear bengali friends n correct me as much as possible. I have tried the song with less punch ins n less mistakes hopefully.

Kumaran gave me a helping hand in mixing the song, though sum issues were there w.r.t synching, he has tried his best! Thanks a lot!

Here is my humble attempt of a brilliant song! Listen and post ur valuable feedback!

Janina Janina(First Bengali Cover) | Music Upload