Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am very much obsessed with the song "Isaiyil thodangudamma" from Hey Ram.. I was listening to it everyday for a week.. then took a break,.. felt something void n get bac to it again.. really addictive.. what a singer(Ajoy chakraborty).. Apdiye kozhai lerndhu thanni kotra madri(water gushing out of the tap) sangathiya kotraar Ajoy.. with so much of ease n so much of emotion.. singing it perfectly is one short term goal of mine.. Million thanks to the man who composed it... Vazhga IR...

Behind the song(Source:Blogosphere n hearsays)
IR said kamal that there is a scope for one more song(this song) in the movie and kamal welcomed it happily.
It seems IR usually builds the basic structure of the song ,expects that perfectly & gives lot of freedom to the singers, esp this singer, so the sangathis in the song might be the singers' only.
Ir has penned the lyrics for the song.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ad Music

I prefer watching advertisements to the main program, that too during mega-serials, I wait for the ads. There are various kinds of advertisments - humorous, graphical, emotional, musical, colourful ads.. Most of the saree and jewellery ads have peppy numbers with a whole lot of men, women, children dancing in various colours..some are popular for their brand ambassadors... ads with cute children and pets attract everyone's attention.. Some Ads which i love to watch for its music..
1. IR song, 'santhathil'(auto raja) in saravana jewellery starring actress sneha,. this song is originally from malayalam 'thumbe vaa' sung by janaki for IR.. the ad was done in violin and flute.. it was so great..sneha was not that beautiful as its music..
2. Recent ad for saravana jewelery starring shreya is ' kaatrinile varum valaiyosai..' in shanmugapriya raagam sung by nityashree..
3. Another IR song where I heard some mind blowing fusion for saravana jewelery staring shreya is 'Edho mogam'.. it was so good.. its a must listen n see ad.. shreya s also not bad..
4. Actress padmapriya starrer ad..for sum jewelery again.. its a fusion of a old song, ' aasai adharku mele'.. very nicely choreographed.. she looks really beautiful here..
5. Wow.. ARR Airtel song.. everyday sum mobile or the other rings this in different instruments,,..
6. "You and I.... in this beautiful world.. " and the new vodafone song , pug and the lil gal scenes r so sweeeeeeeeeet.. am hunting for the song to set my ringtone..
7. Khazana jewellery ad song is another grt one..begins wit' Pa ma ga, sa ri ni sa'.. and proceeds melodiously...
8. A cute lil gal practises bharatnayam , making of chapathi by actress sneha and the little gal's dance steps synchronizes so well with the swaras sung by the singer.. this is the ad for Aashirwad aata..
9. I like those kuthu/folk based songs for soft drinks like fanta - 'adhe colour, pudhu figure' starred trisha n one smart guy.. coke - 'coke adida rap adida kanavula kalaaikalam' starred vijay n katrina kaif..
10. Last but not the least the Evergreen Titan song by our ARR...