Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gopika Vasandham( with Vishnu)

Hi All, Back with a song after a while, All the songs from this movie are so beautiful and challenging that they r not spared in any singing contest. Thought of doing this lovely composition in Shanmugapriya ragam which also happens to be one of my fav ragams. I realized one thing – even though certain songs sound easy, it takes a lot to reproduce them atleast for an amateur singer like me. Come on ppl, listen n leave ur fb, your constructive criticisms are utmost welcome:)
Thanks to Vichu for singing this song n mixing it, Good job bro:)

Movie: His Highness Adullah
Composed by: Raveendran Mash
Singers: KJY, K.S.Chitra
Cover: Vishnu, Ramya
Mixing: Vishnu

My Muziboo comments here

Gopika Vasandham( Malayalam cover With Vishnu) | Music Codes

Un Panithuli(from the movie Kanda naal mudhal)

I love this song and here is my attempt. Male voice is the Original singer KK retained from the track. Listen n leave ur feedback!

Un Panithuli(Kanda naal mudhal cover) | Upload Music