Sunday, September 14, 2008

ஓடோடி வந்தேன் கண்ணா

Composer: OOthukaadu venkatasubbiar
Raagam: Dharmavathi
Thalam: Adi

I tried this classical song recording online with muziboo with no acompaniment..Its poorly recorded. Just wanted to give it a shot. will soon revise n repost the song properly .. waiting for ur valuable suggestions to improve myself

Ododi vandhen kanna | Upload Music


Raju said...

Welcome back..!!

That was a very good rendition though the strain in voice could be felt at the high notes, probably due to you singing in a hurry. Overall, the song sounded sweet to the ears, which is the most important thing while listening to a classical song. Continue singing!!

Pradip Somasundaran said...

I loved it immensely :) You hide a lot of classical music knowledge within an impulse feel like talking to you in person. I don't even know who you are and what your name is but do mail me at
Will surely get back to you..Can't ignore people like they are very very rare :)

i,me,my music said...

Raju, Pradip, Thank u soo much, listen to my latest song too..

kumar.s.r said...

Nice rendition .
It would be better if you redo the song ,accompanied by Tanpura.