Friday, June 13, 2008


Bhajans played a great role in my life. When I was young , I used to go for Sai bhajans. I totally enjoy myself singing them. Recently, I got new headphones with mic. So , wanted to begin singing with a devotional number.. I have presented here a small bhajan on lord ganesha here.. Do leave your feedback.. thanks in advance.. Get An Audience!


kumar.s.r said...

Ramya ,
Nice rendition (needs Tanpura accompaniment).
Isai thodangivittadhu . . . .. thodarattum !

Ramesh said...

Hi Ramya,

Nice one. As Kumar suggested, having Tanpura or Harmonium as accompaniment would be better. You can also have a look at this nice software for tanpura and tabla accompaniment.


Ramya harish said...

Kumar, thanks a lot for the comment n the suggestion.:)
Ramesh, thank u.. that s/w sounds good.. will have a look at it

J said...

Ramya - very soothing. nice one!

kumar.s.r said...

Ramya ,
Veetla(blog) Visheshanga , Vaanga !

Ramya harish said...

J, thank u very much ma

Kumar, Sure..

Raju said...

Very nice rendition indeed.. Pisiru illAdha kural.. nalla irundhadhu.. Ur new mic also rocks.. Continue ur fine effort.. :)