Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Male Duets

When I think of the word 'Duet', two things comes to my mind, one is K.B's movie 'Duet' where ARR scored some evergreen numbers , other thing is any Male-female duet. For a change, I thought of listing Male-Male duets but got only few numbers.. let me know more songs in this category..
Here goes the list..
1. Ponn ondru kanden(Padithal mattum podhuma) - TMS-PBS
2. Ennai kaanavillaye(Kaadhal desam) - SPB-O.S Arun and a little is sung by Rafi
3. Thendrale(Kaadhal desam) - Mano-Unnikrishnan
4. Romeo Aatam pottal(Mr.Romeo) - Hariharan-UditNarayanan
5. Neeye unaku(the famous maama maaple song) (Bale Paandiya) - TMS & M.Raju

I forgot some great songs..thanks to raju for reminding me these..
6.Kaatu kuyilu(thalapathy) - SPB - KJYesudas
7.Kaadu potta kaadu - Malaysia Vasudevan -Bharathiraja


Raju said...

The ultimate male duet song is "kaattu kuyilu" (Thalapathy).. adhai vittutteengaley.. A very unique post and nice songs.. My another fav is "Kaadu potta kaadu" (Karuthamma).. Malaysia Vasudevan & Bharathiraja (A really touching number).

Ramya harish said...

cha..yes raju..eppadi marandhen? kaadu potta kaadu is ofcoz one soul-stirring song..rendume super songs..thank u..

Sandhya said...

This post is superb! Both my husband and I tried to remember some song in this theme. Ooooohum! Good, indeed. You have covered everything. Karnan song 'aayiram karangal' has got more than 2 male voices! That is a superb song ...I get goose pimples whenever I hear it.

Got some probem posting this comment, I think. If it comes more than once, please delete, Ramya. Sorry.