Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idea Star Singer - A great show indeed!

'Idea Star Singer', a reality music show(music competition) as they call it, being telecast in Asianet from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on week days is a treat to all music lovers. The Scale and grandeur of the program is much bigger than 'Airtel Super Singer' which was telecast in Vijay TV. I came to know about this program recently when one of my friend asked me to watch it. Since my mother in law is from Palghat, in laws also watch the program. My god. All the singers sound like professionals.The foremost thing which got me stuck to the program is that they sing a lot of tamil/hindi songs and not only malayalam. Since then i became a fan of this program. It seems this had been there since last year(I really missed something great). The versatility of the rounds in this competition is simply fabulous.
The judges include playback singer M. G. Shrikumar, music director Sharath, and our pop queen Usha Uthup. Usha Uthup is sweetly called as 'DhiDhi' in the program. And others, shriyetta n sharath yetta.. While Usha Uthup concentrates on the finer details like confidence, breath control, attitude and presentation, Shri and Sharath are excellent singers, they get too technical, concentrate every swaram of the song sung by the contestants, point out their mistakes, make them repeat and correct them. Its a superb learning ground for those highly talented singers. For the finals of the program, there were five rounds which were unique n was never in the history of any music competition.
1. Carnatic kutchery round
2. Thillana round
3. Non-Malayalam round
4.Dakshinamoorthy swamy round(He is a very very great music director in malayalam like IR, IR and gangai amaran were said to be playing guitar for him in their initial days in cinema.DS songs were pearls...)
5.Judge's choice(this judge is one celebrity judge(definitely some musician) who keeps changing..people like MSV,gangaiamaran were there..
How can i not mention about the bold and beautiful hostess ' Ranjani'.. She has a terrific voice with lovely emotions..(she is missing this week,some other gal is interviewing the singers..ore mokkai..this female speaks mallu too fast..i dont understand only:(..)

Just Imagine how talented the singers should be to go through all these rounds.. all the rounds were awesome. many are in you tube..
6 (Najim,Hesham,Tushar,Durga,Amrutha,Arun gopan) were selected for the Finals out of which 2(Amrutha,hesham) were eliminated and 4 are getting ready for the mega finals.
Whats in store for the winner???? any guesses???

First prize:40 lakh worth flat in cochin
Second prize:Hyundai Santro
Third prize:Alto
Fourth prize: 1 lac rupees
Two of them who got eliminated was awarded 75,000rs..

More than these awards, they stole millions of hearts by their mesmerizing voices one of those being mine. Thats the greatest award!


Emerging Techie ! said...

Nice blog...about music..
I can sense how much you like music..
Hope your are also a great singer...
Its really rare to find some one who is more crazy about music...

Warm Regards,

Ramya harish said...

am an aspirant singer too.. thank u sakthi..