Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aaraaro aariraaro....

I was not blogging for 8 months since i took a break to welcome my son to this world.. he is five months old now.. sweet naughty lil one.. he enjoys his mom singing to him.. i sing a variety of songs(classical,movie numbers,nursery rhymes,bhajans,hindi songs) with lot of expressions to attract his attention.. later i stop those expressions and sing only the song and he is hooked to the song..
Here are few of his favorites..
1.chinna papa enga chella papa( an old black n white movie song)
2.karpoora bommai ondru(keladi kanmani)
3.ringa ringa roses(when i say that Husshha busssha, he giggles so much),twinkle twinkle..baba black sheep...etc
4.Radha samedha krishna(bhajan)
5.mannava mannava(valter vetrivel)
6.ammavum neeye appavum neeye(kutti kamalhassan sings in kalathur kannamma)
7.laali laali(since i dont know this song properly,i took the first line and composed the rest myself..wil post tat soon)
8.malarnthum malaraadha( evergreen song from the evergreen paasamalar)

more thaalaatu songs r welcome...


Renu said...

good that your son has got a mom who can sing very well...

Anu said...

Ramya u can include this too,
Athai madi methaiyadi(i don't know the movie name)
Kanne kalai mane (Moonram pirai)
Thooliyle ada vandha (Chinna Thambi)

Jaya said...

Also include Neela vanna Kanna vada, nee oru Mutham thaada, a beautiful lullaby song (our family song) from the film Mangaiyar Thilagam

geet said...

thanks renu, anu..
jaya.. yes thats a beautiful song indeed,.. i have to learn it..

Jaya said...

Sure, I know that song neela vanna kanna sung Ms. Balasaraswathy fully. beautiful lyrics. Apart from that one more song " Intha Pachhakillikoru sevanthi poovinil thottillai katti viten" sung by S.varalakshmi, from MG Ramachandrans' movies.