Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Classical Raja

Ilayaraja - 'Isaigyani' a perfect title for him, his knowledge about music is unbeatable. No music director has exploited the ragas in carnatic music as he has done...So many varieties,colours...hundreds of songs come to my mind when i think of his talent in these lines...let me mention some of my favourites..
Raagam - Shanmugapriya
I love 'Kannukul noou nilava' song from vedam pudhidhu..I saw this movie when i was very young..tat time when i used to listen to this song.. i waited for tat 'Guru brahma guru vishnu' part n sang along.. this song starts with high note swaras of shanmuga priya,..I was thinking this song is IR's and started talking abt this..but my blogger friends corrected me. Its by a MD called Devendran.
Other songs i like in this raga -- Sollayo vaay thirandhu(Mogamul) - an emotional melody, Kaadhal kasakudayya(aan paavam) - a fast number. Though these r of the same ragam they r of different moods..
Some more worth mentioning:
Endhan nenjil neengadha(Nalinakaanthi) -- soothening melody perfectly suited for kamal.
Thoongadha vizhigal rendu - Amrithavarshini
Kalyana then nila - Kaanada
Thanni thotti thedi vandha - Kaapi --- Super dappan kuthu song with lot of kutti kutti sangathis.
hey i just noted all the above were sung by Yesudas.. i cant forget to mention SPB for these beautiful songs in the following lovely ragas...
Panivizhum malarvanam(Chalanaatai)
Chalanaatai has very few cine songs.. and maestro can only compose such a song...
Poo malarndidum (Kharahara priya): This is such a brisk song with full essence of the raga.. with kamal n madhavi.. i love this song ...

One of my relative's friend Nama has contributed few lovely classical nos with their raagas of IR below..
Aadal Kalaye (Sri Raghavendra) - Charukesi
Aagaaya Vennilaave(Arangetravelai) - Dharbari Kaanada
Aagaaya Gangai(Dharmyudham) - Madhyamaavathi
Aananda Raagam(Panneer Pushpangal)- Simhendra Madhyamam
Aayiram Thaamarai(Alaigal Oyvadillai) Subapantuvaraali
Chinnathaiaval(Thalapathi) - Charukesi
Endan Nenjil(Kalaizhnan) - Nalinakanthi
Ezhuswarangalukkul(Apoorva Raagangal) - Pantuvaraali
Guruvayoorappa(Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal) - Abheri
Innum yennai(Singaravalan) - Tilang
Isayil Thotangudhuma(Hey Ram) - Hamsanaadham
Janani Janani(Thai Mookambigai) - Hameer Kalyani
Kaadal Mayakkam(Pudumai Penn) - Suddha Saveri
Mazhai varudhu (raja Kaiyyavachha) - Bhagyasree


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Bharathy said...

GOD I am sooo Crazy abt alllll the songs here..Thanks a ton for the Raagas!!!...

Ramya harish said...

thanks maria..
welcome bharathy:)

Karthik said...

Nice compilation..just wanted to let you know that Vedham Pudidhu music was not composed by Raja but by a music director called Devendran!!

Ramya harish said...

thank you karthik.. Already a friend of mine told me about vedham pudhidhu.. i was so lazy to edit it.. now you woke me again.. will correct it now..i love the songs in the movie so much that i thought its IR's...sorry

Arun G S said...

I think I was very late to visit your blog. Its really great one. What you have mentioned about the Ragas used by Raja Sir is so exciting. I have this habit of trying to identify the underlying Raga of film songs.
I couldn't listen to your song; some problem with the player. You may provide a link to download the song as well I think.
Keep rocking.

With Love,

Ramya harish said...

thanks a lot arun.. u too have a grt blog there.. will leisurely listen to ur songs.. yeah. i ll make them downloadale.. keep visiting here..

vel said...

You can also check this site for raga directory for ilaiyaraja